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2018-2019 is an exciting school year for the juniors and seniors in my classes. In all three classes, we will focus on modeling the real world with mathematics to help us understand our world in greater depth.
I like the analogy to going to a football game. If you understand the rules of the game and sit down next to someone who doesn't understand any of the rules, you will have a much richer experience while watching than the person next to you. That is my goal - to help you understand the rules that govern our world and events we see around us so we can enjoy our world more fully.
Pre-AP Physics - Many of the physical events we see happening around us can be modeled fairly simply with mathematical equations. We will study how to predict motion, explain how lenses focus light, describe the forces of electromagnetism, and much more! I look forward to exploring with you our world from a refreshingly new perspective and use fun labs to help us reinforce what we learn.
Statistics - The world has a great amount of diversity that we can analyze with statistics. It allows us to take a sample of a population and use this to make predictions about the entire population. Statistics also helps us understand that our predictions are best guesses and to estimate how good our guesses are. We will also have fun with calculating the odds of an event happening like getting a royal flush or throwing two dice and getting double sixes.
AP Calculus BC - Our ability to analyze the world around us was increased many fold when the mathematics of Calculus was developed by Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. For instance, when gravity is a constant, we can predict the path of a projectile. However, when gravity is changing (like when we move further and further from the Earth), only Calculus can predict the path of the projectile. This is essential for space travel. This course introduces four main ideas related to Calculus studies:
1) Evaluating our world using limits
2) Analyzing rates of change that aren't constant
3) Calculating areas and volumes of irregular shapes
4) Exploring how sequences and series can be used to model our world
Your algebra skills will be key to your success in calculus since most of our work will primarily use these skills.